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Agri W57 Water Proofing Chemical

Agri W57 Water Proofing Chemical
Agri W57 Water Proofing Chemical
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Product Code : Agri W57 Water Proofing Chemical
Product Description

Agri W57 is an aqueous polymer emulsion based on styrene/acrylic. Agri W57 has excellent water proofing capability and widely used for water proofing of floors, rooftops, basements and maintenance of seepage and leakage.

Nature : Styrene-Acrylic emulsion polymer.

Application: Agri W57 can be used for crack filling and as tile jointing compound by mixing with white cement. Agri W57 modified cement mortars have excellent adhesion top a variety of surfaces such as concrete,masonry, brick, wood, metals etc. Agri W57 modified cement mortarsdo not require wet curing as Agri W57holds the water in the systemsufficient for cement curing. Other application for Agri W57 that meritmention are bridging systems and flexible coatings on flat roofs.


  • Excellent exterior durability
  •  Increased tensile and flexural strengths
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Excellent gloss for clear glaze coating
  • Chemical resistance
  • Exceptional pot life in high temperatures
  • Good stability , Ease of application
  • Sediment-free, stable emulsion