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Aluminium Syntan (Agritan AL)

Aluminium Syntan (Agritan AL)
Aluminium Syntan (Agritan AL)
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Product Code : Aluminium Syntan (Agritan AL)
Product Description
A powder syntan based on complex aluminium compounds. Aluminium Syntan is a light fast cationic tanning agent and is eminently suitable for all type of leather especially for white leathers. In combination with our other suitable retanning agents, it can be effectively used to avoid rechroming. It can also be used for semi chrome or alum tannage.


Appearance : White free flowing powder
Chemical nature : Product based on complex aluminium.
Concentration : 96 ± 2%
pH (10% solution) : 3.50±0.50%
Solubility : readily soluble in water
Al2O3 content : 24%± 2%