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Drift Eliminators

Drift Eliminators
Drift Eliminators
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Product Code : Drift Eliminators
Product Description

Agrosyn Impex Drift Eliminators, made out of rigid PVC, are designed to remove entrained particles from air steam efficiently, with minimum pressure drop, thereby reducing the fan power requirement when the air passes through the Drift Eliminator. Water droplets are separated from the air drift at the three direction change points on the drift eliminator.

For Crossflow tower applications, the almost vertical water conduits provided by the CD-100 drift eliminator remove the water droplets out of the drift eliminator area and return them back into the tower and does not allow any re-entry.

The special locking pin arrangement for CD-100 facilitates quick and simple assembly at site.

For Counterflow applications, the CD-S130 drift eliminator provides a cellular rugged structure with a very low pressure drop. This results in high drift elimination efficiency while exerting minimum driving force on the fan.

The CD-S130 drift eliminators get an S-shaped tubular structure as a result of their fabrication. Individual S-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layers to create the structure. The entire area is thus divided into several fine S shaped mini zones each removing water droplets on the entire surface of the cell.